Popup camper trailers can be a fun, inexpensive way to travel. While popup campers are definitely a step-up from a sleeping bag and a tent, there are some differences to consider when purchasing a pop-up camper trailer or folding popup camper.

One big advantage is the price.

You can buy a decent quality new pop-up camper for between $2,000 -$10,000. That’s a terrific deal when you consider that you get;

  • Sheltered living area which usually includes sleeping accommodation
  • kitchen area, some cooking appliances
  • mini-refrigerator
  • storage space and often other amenities as well

Another benefit about these types of trailers is you can tow them with your SUV, mini-van or large car. The trailer will have some effect on gas mileage but given the pop-ups weigh an average of 1500 – 4000 lbs, the gas consumption won’t be too high.
There are some potential negatives to consider before buying a pop-up camper trailers. For instance, they don’t shield outside noise very well. If privacy is a major concern that might be a potential drawback. Another potential downside is that some popups only have limited amenities. For instance, you may need to use a porta-potty and many pop-ups don’t have air conditioning (although some of the more expensive models do).

Overall a pop-up camper trailer can be an excellent starter vehicle for someone interested in RV camping.

Of all the motorhomes for sale popup’s can be significantly less expensive than a travel trailer, fifth wheel RV or even a used motorhome. So if you want to camp in comfort, a pop-up may be the way to go as long as you aren’t looking for all of the luxuries of home.