Owning a fifth wheel trailer can be a very rewarding experience. But that’s not to say it can’t also be a little intimidating when you attempt to tow your first fifth wheel.

Fifth wheel trailers comes in an assortment of heights and lengths—and it’s important to know the clearance of both. Misjudge the length and you could end up backing into something or side-swiping an object while taking a turn

Even worse is not knowing the height of your fifth wheel AND the height of any object you might be traveling under—such as a bank’s drive-through canopy.

The following video illustrates this point quite well.

Know Thy Fifth Wheel Trailer Height

Note: Sources tell me the man driving the truck and his young son are both alright.

I can’t even imagine the insurance claim for a totaled truck, severely damaged fifth wheel trailer, and the bank’s canopy.