Motorhome Travel Tips

With today’s gas prices being what they are people are always looking for ways to lower their fuel consumption. This is especially true for drivers of RVs and campers as much as it is for drivers of new or used motorhomes.

The following tips can help you when trying to conserve fuel – be it gas or diesel.

Properly maintaining your vehicle is the key to efficient fuel consumption.

  • Check your tire pressure;
    Under inflated tires can burn extra gas.
  • Clean your air filter regularly;
    A clean air filter can reduce gas usage up to 10%.
  • Regularly check your fuel filter and change it once per season.
    Not only can this help save on gas, but it can also help prevent a breakdown.
  • Changing your spark plugs regularly can also be beneficial.
  • Finally, have your motor home regularly serviced by a qualified RV mechanic; you will find a suggested maintenance guide in the vehicle owner’s manual.

Another way to help save on gas is by watching how you drive.

Try to maintain an even speed. Riding the brake or unnecessary acceleration will lower your gas mileage. Also try to avoid excessive idling whenever possible. Slow and steady ‘wins’ the gas consumption race.

There are also things you can do to help save gas when towing your fifth wheel trailer, travel trailer or folding camping trailer.

Don’t haul unnecessary items, especially heavy equipment. The heavier your load, the higher your gas consumption will be in the towing vehicle.

Whether you are driving a Class A motorized Gulf Stream or a Class C motorized Coachmen, everyone can benefit by following the above fuel saving tips.